BBC iPlayer Will Now Have Its Shows Hanging Around for a Year Rather Than Just a Month

By Shabana Arif on at

The BBC has managed to persuade Ofcom to allow it to keep its programs on iPlayer for a year, rather than the usual 30-day catch-up.

Ofcom has ruled that having programming available for 12 months as standard, with the potential for longer periods of time for select shows and films, "could deliver significant public value over time," as well as helping the BBC "stay relevant" given viewing habits of kids today. And everyone else.

It did highlight areas of concern when it comes to "competitive challenges" with the extended time period having a potential knock-on effect on rival services, like the recently announced BritBox that's actually going to be available in Britain, and not just the US anymore.

Apparently ITV supported the BBC's proposal though, and there's "unlikely to be substantial harm to audiences" so it's all fine and dandy, but there will be some conditions that Ofcom will lay out to "mitigate risks to fair and effective competition."