Beware Couriers Bearing Gifts You Don't Remember Ordering

By Gary Cutlack on at

An exciting and quite clever modern scam has been uncovered and publicised for your awareness, one that takes advantage of the fact that we sometimes forget what we've bought online to steal products ordered in our names.

It's a two-pronged thievery attempt involving stolen personal details. The criminals order expensive items using hijacked data, then, to avoid having the items sent to their dimly-lit illegal lairs where they're easily traced, they instead have the goods delivered to the buyer's home address as usual – and simply attempt to intercept the package before it arrives.

If that plan fails, though, there's a second chance for the criminals. They've been known to pretend to be delivery men asking for items delivered by mistake to be returned. So us normal people, honest as we are even in the face of an unsolicited high-end smartphone arriving in the post that we apparently haven't paid for, hand it over to the poor man who's only doing his job, unaware that it was indeed a valid order paid for via hacked account data.

You really have to hand it to these criminal people. Why are we all sat here doing this when we could be wearing blue overalls, holding a clipboard and asking confused old ladies to hand over £900 smartphones they definitely didn't order because they only use the internet to stream Radio 4? [BBC]

Image credit: Unsplash