Birds Eye Fish Finger Lasagne Exists Even Though Literally Nobody Asked for It

By Shabana Arif on at

What in the name of all that is holy is this hot pile of no and why are we pretending it's a viable foodstuff?

Behold his hybrid fish pie/lasagne concoction cooked up by someone who has never actually been introduced to either of those dishes. The Birds Eye fish finger lasagne is an abomination, and should be treated as such. The 'recipe' appeared on the Twisted Facebook page, so we can only assume that Captain Birdseye is not officially endorsing it.

Although there's a recipe for a fish finger pizza on Birds Eye's website, so I wouldn't be surprised if that crazy son of a bitch gives it his stamp of approval.

You'll need a lot of fish fingers. Around 30 going by the overloaded baking tray in the video. Take a look for yourself.

Once baked, it doesn't look any better, quite frankly. This is the lazy man's fish pie. Real lazy. So lazy, he'd never even make this because it's a lot of effort to go through to just eat shit at the end of it all.

Just have a fish finger sandwich instead. [Metro]

Feature image credit: MCSUK