British Army Assembles New Disinformation Division

By Gary Cutlack on at

A rejigging of Army units is to revive a group known as Sixth Division, with the combined force tasked with battling non-specific modern battlefield threats that come under the headings of cyber, electronic, IT and generally unconventional forms of computerised warfare.

Misinformation and the spreading of false propaganda by enemy states are key targets, with the people of the reborn 6th asked to help combat "...adversaries both above and below the threshold of conventional conflict."

No new staff are coming into the Army for the purposes of this new cyber mission, though. The current components of the Force Troops Command teams are being rolled into the 6th unit, pulling in existing surveillance and reconnaissance brigades and specialist infantry groups.

Brass-chested Lieutenant General Ivan Jones said: "The character of warfare continues to change as the boundaries between conventional and unconventional warfare become increasingly blurred. The Army must remain adaptable and evolve as a fighting force." [Sky News]