British Rail Companies Abandon Interrail From 2020

By Gary Cutlack on at

Interrail tickets will stop working across the UK from 1st January 2020, as the rail franchises of the nation have decided to end their participation in the decades-old trans-European ticketing system.

From next year, those Interrailing around mainland Europe will find their journeys terminating in London, and that's only thanks to the fact that Eurostar is independent of our rail franchise system and will continue to offer discounted Interrail travel. The change also means that any UK traveller hoping to broaden their horizons won't be able to count the exiting-the-county leg of their trip as an included journey, but then who wants to broaden their horizons these days anyway?

The decision has nothing to do with the political B-word, they say; it's the rail franchises deciding they're done with Interrail and would presumably rather overseas visitors fly in or go somewhere more welcoming instead. [The Man in Seat 61]

Image credit: Wikipedia