Cadbury Puts Massive Chocolate Foot in Diversity Debate

By Gary Cutlack on at

Cadbury did something it thought was good and very clever to help celebrate India's Independence Day, blending together four chocolates of various milkiness and combining them into one bar. This says that no matter what the colour of the skin of the person you eat is, we all taste the same.

This limited edition Unity Bar hasn't gone down as well as you might imagine, for metaphorical reasons rather than literal taste ones. Cadbury was extremely clever in advertising it on newspapers using three different languages spoken in various Indian states, which won it some praise. But. Some say that in creating four shades of brown all it's done is help categorise people, some languages were left out from the print ads creating regional/political tension, plus... worse... the white band of chocolate sits at the top of the bar, looking down on the others, with the brownest at the bottom.

That last point is no doubt an unfortunate accident, but if you're going to be all clever about race issues via the medium of chocolate you'd better make sure your choices have been quadruple-vetted before they hit the infinite nit-combing masses of the internet. [Adage]