Costa Coffee Says That Giving You Less and Charging You More is an Industry Trend, Apparently

By Shabana Arif on at

Costa has announced a rejig in the lineup of its current cup sizes to ensure it's keeping up with trends in the industry, which is apparently code for jacked up prices so you're paying more for less. Classy.

The usual sizes in the store run from small (12 fl oz), medium (16 fl oz), and large (20 fl oz) and are priced at £2.15, £2.45, and £2.75 respectively for filling them up with a latte. But it seems you wanted more options, and Costa has listened.

"Following customer feedback around cup sizes available in Costa Coffee, we are trialling a range of new cup sizes across a small select number of stores within four different regions – Hampshire, Gloucestershire, South Yorkshire and Birmingham," said a Costa spokesperson.

The new system will see each size re-labelled as the next size up essentially, as well as a new offering with a an 8 fl oz cup, but somehow the prices have increased meaning a 12 fl oz latte will cost you more now than it would have before, for example.

The new sizes range from the newly introduced small (8 fl oz), medium (12 fl oz), large (16 fl oz), and extra large (20 fl oz) and are priced at £2.25, £2.55, £2.85, and £3.05. So that same 12 fl oz that used to cost £2.15 will now cost £2.55. Because that makes sense.

Apparently prices will differ depending on the region and Costa is currently collecting customer feedback which should be a giant middle finger, ideally, because this is actual nonsense. [Metro]