Creators of the UK's First VR Theatre Experience LIVR Is Coming to Battersea

By Shabana Arif on at

Wandsworth Council is bringing the magic of the theatre to residents of Nine Elms, Battersea, by offering a VR theatre experience this autumn.

The initiative is in collaboration with LIVR, the "world’s first virtual reality content platform dedicated to theatre."

LIVR offers a subscription service along with a free VR headset that lets you access its library of feature-length theatre performances for £5.99 a month. The partnership with Wandsworth Council will see headsets supplied by PICO on offer at the R.O.S.E community centre, allowing up to eight people at a time to enjoy the content.

"I’m thrilled that theatre shows are coming direct to local residents through this incredible virtual reality experience," said councillor Steffi Sutters, in charge of community services and open spaces. "As arts and culture grows in Nine Elms, it’s fantastic that we can bring performing arts into the heart of the community and I hope as many Nine Elms residents as possible sign up to put a headset on and watch a performance.

"We’re really looking forward to starting regular VR viewing nights, which, alongside our new Community Theatre Tickets scheme in partnership with Battersea Arts Centre and Theatre 503, will offer residents plenty of affordable ways to enjoy live theatre this autumn.”

The VR theatre nights will kick off on September 25 although with LIVR's £5.99 monthly subscription that gives you a free VR headset and lets you cancel at anytime, you're probably better off enjoying it in the comfort of your own home if it's something you're going to want to indulge in with any regularity. [Trusted Reviews]