Cuadrilla Live-Blogs Bank Holiday Fracking Earthquakes

By Gary Cutlack on at

The third fracking quake to hit Lancashire in the space of a week was the biggest one yet, so well done to everyone at Cuadrilla if that's what they're trying to achieve by pumping water into the ground to make the gas come out.

There's no need to pussyfoot around about the definition of "micro seismicity" this time either, as the Bank Holiday Monday's 8:30am wobble hit 2.9ML – significantly thumpier than last week's tamer 1.55-er. Cuadrilla would like the region's anti-fraxxers to put it into context [PDF] and compare the impact to a tame and comical equivalent household impact – a child throwing a banana at a wall, the postman's angry third knock, an aggressively put down mug of tea made for someone you've grown to hate etc. -- before complaining and demanding they down tools and exit Lancs, but that's unlikely to happen.

What's particularly worrying for residents is that no pumping/stimulating/fracturing was going on at the time, it being a bank holiday and all, and the Monday quake followed a movement of 2.1ML that was logged on the previous Sunday night, also when no one was touching anything. The drilling company has told locals the seismic event was "unlikely to have been widely felt," although telling people who felt it that they shouldn't have is perhaps not the best strategy to adopt.

The company's corporate news feed is therefore a mess of notifications and updates today, as it tries to nullify local anger by being open about what happened – albeit always with a subtext about how geographically insignificant it thinks these ground movements are. [Cuadrilla]