Curly Wurly, Fudge and Chomp Fall to Portion Size Police

By Gary Cutlack on at

Cadbury is about to melt, temptingly and deliciously and metaphorically, to modern opinion about sugary food portion sizes, and is to begin reshaping its ranges of chocolates for children to bring them under the 100 calories-per-pack psychological limit. As if any of the kids ever eat just one of anything any more.

This will mean national suspicions about Curly Wurlys getting smaller will be confirmed, as the bars should be shrunken before the end of 2020, along with other childhood favourites Chomp and Fudge. They will not be reduced sugar, just reduced actual stuff. Cadbury Mini Fingers and Cadbury Animals will be the first to arrive in smaller packs this year, with the Wurly and the Fudge getting the circumcision before the end of next year.

Louise Stigant from Cadbury's owner Mondelēz International said: "We want to play our part in tackling childhood obesity and are focusing on the areas where we can make the greatest impact. Our brands have been around for hundreds of years and play a special role in people’s lives as treats to be enjoyed in moderation."

The good news is that Cadbury might bung an extra whole one in the multiplacks to offset the smaller sizes, so it won't make much a difference; but it will make old people very angry when they see a very small finger of Fudge for sale in Tesco that looks like it's an escapee from a box of Heroes. [Telegraph]