Cyclist Hits 174mph Record Thanks to a Tow and a Car

By Gary Cutlack on at

British cyclist Neil Campbell is the new fastest man on two unassisted wheels, after pedalling his DIY bike at an average speed of 174.3mph along North Yorkshire's Elvington Airfield this weekend.

He had two key forms of help, though; a Porsche Cayenne to tow him up to near top speed, then a big old box attached to the car to ride along behind, giving him an extremely useful slipstream effect. These two things are allowed in the "motor-paced" speed category this record attempt is placed in, mind, so he's the new male bike land speed record holder for riding behind a car.

There is one enormous caveat though; Neil is only the the fastest man on a bike, as the world's all-time motor-paced cycling speed record is held by a woman, with Denise Mueller-Korenek hitting 184mph on the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah last year. Neil says he'd like to have a shot at that on his homemade £15,000 bike – and perhaps go over the 200mph milestone – but needs a bit of cash to help him and his team get out to Utah, as he's only an architect in Essex having a go for fun. [BBC]

Image credit: Facebook