Disney+ Announces First International Rollout Plans, UK Suspiciously Absent

By Tom Pritchard on at

Back in April Disney announced a load of details about its upcoming Disney+ streaming service, including the plans for its native US launch. The service would arrive on 12th November and cost $7 a month, though at the time there were zero details about when the service would launch internationally - which was a little weird. Today at D23 Disney announced some of those plans, but the UK availability is still suspiciously absent.

According to Disney, Canada and the Netherlands will both get Disney+ on 12th November for the price of $8.99 and €6.99 a month (or $90 and €70) a year. Meanwhile Australia and New Zealand will be getting Disney+ a week later on 19th November for A$8.99 and NZ$9.99 a month (or A$90 and NZ$100 a year).

You know who isn't included in that list? Us, the UK. The other major English-speaking region of the world with roughly the same population as Canada, Australia, and New Zealand combined. So what's going on?

According to Deadline, Disney is in talks to add more countries to the list of territories that will get Disney+ when it launches, though it's unclear who that would be with. Disney owns all the content set to appear on Disney+. I imagine it'll have something to do with either local regulators, or other companies that still hold the streaming rights to Disney properties.

There are several Disney films in Netflix's UK catalogue after all, and they won't be too happy about Disney swooping in and offering them to customers out of nowhere. Basically we're still in the lurch and will have to sit around and wait, all while complaining about how not launching at the same time is just going to boost piracy numbers. Especially since Disney has just announced it isn't going to blindly accept people will end up sharing passwords.

In any case this news does give us a good idea of how much we should expect to pay. Considering the pound's shitty value right now, we're probably going to have to pay £7 a month. You can probably thank Boris and Brexit for that.

At least we'll have plenty of options when the service arrives, sicne Disney have confirmed there will be a Disney+ app on Android, iOS, Apple TV, Chromecast, Xbox One, and PS4.[Deadline via CBR]