EE Brings Amazon Prime Video to its Smart Plan's Swappable Benefits Alongside the Gamer's Data Pass

By Shabana Arif on at

EE is upping its game by bringing things that people actually want to its Swappable Benefits with an Amazon Prime Video subscription and a data pass aimed at mobile gamers.

The Gamer's Data Pass was announced last month alongside EE's team up with Niantic to bring its customers special rewards in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

The addition of Amazon Prime Video is a new one but now they both seem to be available on EE's website.

Prime Video is worth £5.99 a month, while the Gamer's Data Pass is worth £7.99 and is inclusive of mobile data used on gaming apps, as well as Twitch streaming.

“Our Smart Plans have been a real hit with our 4G and 5G customers – providing them with the most flexible and personal mobile plans in the UK," said Edward Goff, marketing director at EE. "Now we’re making these plans even better by working with a number of the world’s best entertainment providers to ensure customers can enjoy the content they love in more places when on the move."

Swappable Benefits are a part of EE's Smart Plans, with at least one benefit available to 4G customers as part of theirs, and at least two available on a 5G plan.