EE Has Realised That Maybe it Should be Offering Unlimited Data Plans Too

By Tom Pritchard on at

About ten years ago pretty much every network offered some sort of unlimited mobile data plan, until they realised just how much data people could hoover up in a single month. So they started getting stingier and stingier with data, and it wasn't long until Three was the last network to offer properly unlimited data with no fair use clauses, speed limits, or fine print. These days the networks are cottoning onto the fact unlimited data is something people want, and now EE has announced it's going to start offering it too.

At the time of writing (Tuesday) EE's most expensive 4G SIM only plan gave you 100GB for £27, while the one and only 5G SIM only plan available is 20GB and costs £32 a month. In other words that gives you an idea of how much more you're going to have to pay, and EE has confirmed that unlimited data contracts will start at £34 a month. That's available with 4G and 5G data, on both SIM only and smartphone-centric contracts, and EE is calling it 'truly unlimited' which suggests there's no fine print restricting your usage.

Other perks include up to 100GB of giftable data (which increases to 120GB on 5G), various swappable benefits, and zero speed restrictions. In other words you get full access to all the speed EE has been bigging up for the past several years, unlike that other network that just launched its own unlimited data plans. Yes, I'm talking about you, Vodafone with your 2Mbps and 10Mbps speed limits.

You can head over to EE's website and see what's on offer for yourself, though remember that both Three, Virgin, and Vodafone offer unlimited data plans. Three's costs £20 a month, and has a free 5G upgrade when that launches in you areas, while Vodafone charges £30 a month for the unlimited plan with no speed limits.

In other words EE's plans are more expensive than the rest. Except Virgin, because you have to pay £32 a month plus the cost of a TV or broadband subscription. But at least EE is offering unlimited data again, unlike O2. Get your act together O2.