Elysium Water Park Promises Wet Indiana Jones Play in Bournemouth

By Gary Cutlack on at

A businessman wants to create a watery nirvana on the south coast near Bournemouth, where plans are afoot to try to build an enormous 75-acre water park that would instantly become the UK's biggest, should the nation's water supplies hold up long enough for it to be filled.

It's the dream of Costa Acodrinesei, who plans to put Dorset "on the map" with the huge site. It wouldn't just be slides and tubes for the kids either, as the initial plan also contains a spa element for the sort of women who drink in the day time, a wholly inadvisable combination of wet people and electronics it calls "VR and AR synchronised water rides," an indoor wave pool, and all your usual sorts of walks and things you might want to do in the landscaped outdoor areas.

Acodrinesei is using the generic South American stylings of Indian Jones as his mood for the internals of the park, with random statues, temples and lots of trees the current aesthetic, and has promised that the end result might be "...like something out of Indiana Jones," were the doctor to encounter a series of ancient ducts and irrigation systems while trying to find the legendary gift shop and/or cafeteria.

The Jones property does not appear to have been officially licensed from Disney, mind, so it might all be a bit less Jones-like when actually built; or if actually built, we should say, as planning has not been asked for or granted yet. And the money for it, well, that's another story. [Elysium via Bournemouth Echo]