Everything You Need to Know About the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+

By Shabana Arif on at

Samsung's Unpacked event is finally here and so are the official specs and details on its new Note 10 range of handsets. Try your best to act surprised as we dig into everything we (already) know.

Unlike the Samsung Galaxy S10 series, there's no Note 10e; it's just two smartphones this time - the Note 10 and Note 10+. If you've been keeping up with the rumours, there will be diddly squat surprises in store, but let's keep up the charade for the duration of reading (and writing) this so both Samsung and I can feel some sense of validation for confirming what we all know about its new smartphones thanks to an unending barrage of leaks.

Galaxy Note 10 Specs

  • 6.3-inch AMOLED Edge display, FHD+ resolution
  • HDR10+
  • Gorilla Glass 6
  • Triple-lens rear camera: 16MP ultra-wide lens (f/2.2, 123-degree FOV), 12MP wide angle lens (f/1.5 - f/2.4), 12MP telephoto lens (f/2.1)
  • 10MP front camera, with Infinity O (hole-punch) design (f2.2)
  • 8GB of RAM
  • 256GB storage (no microSD)
  • 3,500 mAh battery
  • Wireless Powershare (Qi)
  • Fast Wireless Charging 2.0
  • Superfast Charging (wired)
  • Intelligent Battery
  • Ultrasonic fingerprint sensor
  • Face recognition
  • Octa-core processor
  • Bixby

Galaxy Note 10+ Specs

  • 6.8-inch AMOLED Edge display, QHD+ resolution
  • HDR10+
  • Gorilla Glass 6
  • Quad-lens rear camera: 16MP ultra-wide lens (f/2.2, 123 degree FOV), 12MP wide angle lens (f/1.5 - f/2.4), 12MP telephoto lens (f/2.1), DepthVision camera (f1.4)
  • 10MP front camera, with Infinity O (hole-punch) design (f2.2)
  • 12GB RAM
  • 256GB/ 512GB internal storage
  • microSD expansion (up to 1TB)
  • 4,300 mAh battery
  • Wireless Powershare (Qi)
  • Fast Wireless Charging 2.0
  • Ultrasonic fingerprint sensor
  • Face recognition
  • Octa-core processor
  • Bixby

What's New?

Single front-facing camera

The "immersive edge-to-edge" design is helped along significantly by the absence of a second front-facing lens on both the Note 10 and the Note 10+. The S10 series features a two front-facing lenses on the S10+ - a 10MP lens and an 8MO depth sensor - while the S10 and S10e both made do with a single 10MP camera. Samsung has ditched the depth sensor altogher, opting for a more generous screen real esate instead.

Superfast Charge technology

The Note 10 range is very much centred around the concept that we're all content creators, and content creators don't have time to leave their phones on charge, because the idea of going out into the world without the ability give everyone a play-by-play of your day would be unthinkable. To that end, Samsung has rolled out its Superfast Charge technology which will juice up your phone in just 30 minutes.


Because of course, of you're launching a series of new smartphones, at least one of them should be 5G - and it is! Samsung confirmed that while the Note 10 will not be 5G ready, there will be a Note 10+ variant that will be, so if you're contemplating which device to get and are already looking ahead to 5G, the Note 10+ 5G is going to be the only choice for you.

No Headphone jack

That's right, Samsung has ditched the 3.5mm headphone jack to keep its latest handset as trim as possible. I can't say I'm a fan of removing features that still have plenty of life left in them, particularly for such an arbitrary reason as a few millimetres difference in thickness, but there you have it. We already got an inkling of this after a leaked USB-C to 3.5mm dongle was spotted. Samsung had previously made a bit of a song and dance about not cutting features that its customers actually want, so the move to scrap it entirely is somewhat of a surprise.

No microSD slot

Despite having already tried out this move with the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, Samsung is at it again with the Note 10, which doesn't offer a micro SD slot. Happily, the larger and more expensive model does, and you'll be able to add a whopping 1TB of external storage on the device. Once again, this flies in the face of Samsung's claims that it's not in the habit if taking features that people actually want away from its smartphones, but the option is there if you're shelling out for the Note 10+.

Zoom-in microphone

Previous Samsung handsets have included an interview mode that's one directional-recording, allowing you to pick up sound from that one particular direction, while picking up less sound from the sides and behind. For the Note 10 range, Samsung has introduced a zoom-in mic feature that reduces background noise and zooms in on your subject all on its own. It's significantly more intelligent than interview mode, and will save you waving your phone around to manually ensure that it's pointing in the right direction at all times.

Next-gen S Pen

As you'd expect, the S Pen has had a number of improvements and added features since it was trotted out with the Galaxy Note 9. The pen is capable of gesture control and air actions, with the added functionality of the new adaptive writing experience that sees your chicken scratchings easily converted into text. What's more, the S Pen SDK will be open to air actions as of today.

No Bixby button

Bixby is back for some reason, but at least the dedicated Bixby button has been scrapped, which only ever got pressed by accident anyway.

What's Not New?

Water resistance

Just like the S10 series, the Note 10 range is IP68 protected, which means that it can keep out dust, dirt, and sand particles, and is water resistant up to a maximum depth of 1.5m underwater for up to thirty minutes, according to the official word from Samsung.

Facial Recognition and ultrasonic fingerprint sensor

The in-display fingerprint scanner that made its debut in the S10 and S10+ is back of course, because it's a nifty space-saver. Samsung has stuck with the ultrasonic technology that isn't too prevalent, compared to the optical light-based sensors usually used by smartphone manufacturers. The point of that is it makes it more secure because it takes a 3D image of your finger and can't be easily fooled with a 2D or 3D copy. 2D face scanning is back too, and the iris scanner is still absent after bring dropped from the S10 phones.

Buying One

Pre-order are open today because you animals just can't wait until the handsets go on sale on August 23. Europeans will be able to trade their old handset for €100, and no doubt that trade-in offer will extend to other regions with the value being dependant on the device you're bringing to the table.

When it comes to colours, choices are limited to Aura Glow and Aura Black here in the UK, despite there being a lovely range of much more exciting colourways on offer in other regions.

The Galaxy Note 10 starts at £899, with the Note 10+ coming in at £999 - the price for 256GB. The Note 10+ 5G starts at £1,099 for 256GB, while the 512GB starts at £1,199.