Game of Thrones' Last Season Was so Hotly Anticipated That It Saw a Global Surge in Traffic to Pirate Sites

By Shabana Arif on at

We all know that pirates love Game of Thrones as much as anyone else, and it seems that the final season was even more popular, with a visible increase in global traffic to pirate sites.

Back when Season 8 kicked off in April, 55 million people pirated the first episode within the first 24 hours, compared to the 17.4 million viewers who watched it legally.

Now, data from MUSO shows that after a year of pirates slowly hanging up their hooks and eye patches, thy came back with a vengeance in April when Game of Thrones returned to our tellies for is final run, and pirate sites kept seeing a surge with the release of each new episode.

"The demand for piracy of Game of Thrones is unprecedented. The demand for GOT was so high that it visibly increased traffic for domains such as,” explained MUSO analyst, Phil Taylor.

"We will get a better view of overall traffic and trends for 2019 as the year progresses, however, the impact of Game of Thrones on overall traffic in April and May of 2019 is clear," he added.

The increase in global traffic to pirate sites was up eight per cent thanks to the show, and was limited to video streaming sites, rather than music, showing a strong correlation that leads us all to blame GoT for luring the pirates back into the murky waters torrent sites. [TorrentFreak]