Gerry Anderson's Space 1999 Rebooted in Earth 2019

By Gary Cutlack on at

Legendary 1970s sci-fi series Space 1999 is coming back this year, but temper that excitement old man – it's only returning as an audio drama. Perhaps they might call it a podcast so young people may listen to it.

Telling the increasingly bizarre story of the inhabitants of Moonbase Alpha after it was blasted out the solar system, the TV series was one of the key roles of Martin Landau, who battled aliens and on-message 1970s psychedelia in the role of Commander John Koenig. 2019's Koenig is being played by Mark Bonnar, or TV's Mark Bonnar, as he's really quite famous from being in Humans, Catastrophe and Shetland.

Anyway, this is all an excuse to embed this for about the third time, TV's most exciting minute ever:

...and to relay a warning to the audio series producers that if they mess with this theme tune in any way they can expect a seriously-worded petition to come their way and we'll make a blimp of Barry Morse to float over London in protest. The new episodes go on sale via Big Finish on September 13, the date immortalised in the original's mythology as earth orbit departure date.

One-man writer/producer/director Nicholas Briggs said: "We’re being absolutely faithful to that central concept, but there is also an element of reinvention in this version. It will feel and sound very much like the original, but with extra dimensions and lots of surprises." [Big Finish]