Get Closer to Satan/Death With Norwich Cathedral's Helter Skelter

By Gary Cutlack on at

Yes, that says Norwich Cathedral's helter skelter, as church bosses, increasingly desperate to replace all the old women that keep dying out with anyone under the age of 65, have taken drastic measures to get the kids – or anyone able to get up off the floor unassisted – in.

It may also get a few architectural students in too, as the serious part of Norwich Cathedral's helter skelter scheme is that it gives visitors a chance to get very close to the building's posh ceiling. The helter skelter itself is about as historically important as such devices can get too, as it's a touring model first built in 1947, and has been put in place by Henry Chipperfield; descendant of the famed circus family.

Cathedral dean the very rev Jane Hedges says she's had some letters of complaint, but also claims it's a serious attempt to get people to think about "the meaning of life" somehow. As in, life is an uncontrollable downward spiral? [BBC]