Government Attempts to Leverage the "Woke" Movement With Fake Social Brand

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Home Office has been using the language of the young people in an attempt to engage with them, with a social news network calling itself This is Woke trying to counter the emergence of extremism and radicalisation, also rebranding the bad internet people as terrorists.

The network is the work of the Home Office's Office for Security and Counter-Terrorism, and it's done quite well for itself in amassing more than 75,000 followers across various media thus far. The Instagram account has just 800-odd followers, though, where it shares positive messages about faith and inclusion and reposts all the memes of the day, like any other try-hard social brand.

Facebook is where the bulk of the action goes down, with the Woke account having around 70,000 good old fashioned likes, and sharing material about mental health, refugee schemes and free speech, even producing its own video series called Woke Unveiled, where it covers issues faced by young British Muslims. It also addresses fake news, which is rather rich for something that is itself a manufactured brand populated by agency content that's pushing a well-meaning agenda on behalf of our suited elderly government overlords. [Middle East Eye via BBC]