Homemade Car/Motorbike Hybrid Caught on Motorway

By Gary Cutlack on at

Some sort of homemade motorised vehicle was caught trundling down a motorway by police in Bedfordshire, who clearly thought they'd have to turf the owner out and make him or her get a taxi home while the recovery team came out to tow the weird creation to a nearby dump. But no, this amazing and seemingly taped together vehicle was deemed roadworthy and allowed to continue, bread flapping in the wind and all.

The Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire roads policing team member was amazed to find that the thing was taxed and somehow had an MOT and internal wing mirrors that at least tick the box that says they exist even if they don't really work, with a police spokesperson confirming the rolling cockpit creation was "...registered as a motorbike with a 'shell' around it made mostly out of fibreglass and plastic."

Other road users have been taking photos of if too, as the vehicle is a popular local curiosity out on the roads of Bedfordshire. An investigation we launched four minutes ago in another tab has found that it is almost certainly the creation of Cedric Lynch, who self-built his full electric and indeed road legal "streamliner" more than a decade ago. [Twitter via Sky News]