Huawei Delays the Launch of Its Foldable Mate X Again but Says It'll Definitely Come out This Year

By Shabana Arif on at

Huawei's foldable Mate X has been pushed back from its intended September launch because there's "no possibility" the company can make that date.

The phone was initially set to release in June but was pushed back to September, with a spokesperson for Huawei explaining that the manufacturer didn't want to launch a product that would "destroy" its reputation.

Apparently we'll still see the handset make its debut before the end of the year, with November being cited as a possible release window. Huawei seems adamant on getting the Mate X out before 2020, to shoehorn it into the sweet spot of the holiday shopping period, so we'll have to see if it can stick with the new date this time around.

The final version of the handset reportedly sports a more slimline lock button that better fits the phone's form factor, and the hinge has been refined, and won't be carbon fibre.

The steel back hasn't gone anywhere, even though a lighter, aluminium version was trialled that would've shaved 20g off the weight, but it didn't prove sturdy enough.

At this rate, getting the first foldable smartphone onto the market could be anyone's game - anyone being Samsung and Huawei. Both companies still seem to be tweaking their phone's final design so we'll see which one makes its launch in time to be added to your Christmas list. [TechRadar]