I Feel Seen By Samsung's New Pleb Phone Range

By Sarah Basford on at

While it's fun to follow all the latest phone releases, flagships are becoming less accessible, price-wise, for the average person. Thankfully, mid-range releases are increasingly giving us some of the cool features for a fraction of the price.

Samsung, seeing us plebs desperate for amazing tech but not willing to take out a mortgage to own it, has released a two new competitors to appease us.

Samsung Newsroom has announced two new models, Galaxy A50s and A30, are on the way designed for those who "want to capture and share their experiences instantaneously."

We don't know if or when they'll release over here, but we have all of our fingers and toes crossed.

The new models both come with a 4,000mAh battery, similar power to many flagship models, as well as a near bezel-less display. The global price hasn't been released yet but they're likely to fill in the mid-range offering with specs approaching the more expensive entries while stripping back other aspects to lower the price.

This means you'll get things like an on-screen fingerprint scanner like your friend's more pricey phones but without sacrificing a holiday.


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