If Google Hadn't Ditched the Dessert Names, Android Queen Cake Would Be Launching Next Week

By Shabana Arif on at

It turns out that Android 10 wasn't originally intended to have such a shit name after all. And yet here we are regardless.

Android 10 - the most bland name ever to grace the lineup of Google's OS over the years - is rolling out next week and it transpires that the lacklustre, non-dessert-themed name was initially going to be a lot more interesting.

All About Android's recent interview with Google's Dave Burke and Dan Sandler, delves into the re-branding of the OS from quirky to *yawn*. Apparently Google ditched the desserts because it was too confusing for people to keep up with which version was the latest. Another reason was that dessert names don't necessarily hold up the world over.

"We wanted to make sure it was globally relevant and we were starting to get feedback that a lot of the dessert names are not globally relatable," explained Burke, using Android Pie as a prime example.

"As many people know, we name our releases after desserts in alphabetical order, but while [Pie] is a dessert in some countries, it's not a dessert in other countries. It wasn't perfect."

Before it was dubbed Android 10, the placeholder name was Android Q, with Burke commenting that the possible desserts that could have been used would have to be "more exotic". He stressed that it wasn't the case that Q was too hard to name, and that's why they fell back on numbers. Burke says that left to his own devices, he'd have called it Queen Cake, referring to the Queen Elizabeth cake which is the pinnacle of granny desserts, looking at the wikipedia entry, what with a load of shredded coconut dumped over it.

Here at Giz UK, we were a fan of Quince as an option, and it tuns out that Android Q was referred to as Quince Tart internally, or QT. Burke confirmed that the fun dessert names will continue to be used by the dev team, but the rest of us face a future of a dowdy parade of numbers.

The interview is a lengthy one, but worth a watch if you have the time.