Images of GoPro's Upcoming Hero 8 Have Leaked Along With Some Juicy Titbits on Specs

By Shabana Arif on at

Leaked images of GoPro's next camera have appeared, alongside rumours about the specs.

The image, courtesy of Photo Rumours, is of the GoPro Hero 8 snapper, and it looks to have had a bit of a redesign to accommodate housing for accessories, like mics, lights, and whatnot.

4K video shooting hasn't gone anywhere, but will be bumped up to 120fps, from the Hero 7's 60fps. Meanwhile, you'll be able to shoot full HD video at 480fps.

The Hero 7 made out it onto our list of the 23 coolest gadgets of 2018 and it looks like the Hero 8 will have even more to offer. [TechRadar]

Feature image credit: Photo Rumours