Ineos' Own-Brand Land Rover Could be Built in Wales

By Gary Cutlack on at

Ineos and its billionaire owner Jim Ratcliffe may soon have good news for the car builders of south Wales, as reports suggest the startup carmaker could be about to start building in Bridgend; where it could produce the 'Projekt Grenadier' 4x4 vehicle it's been developing for some time.

Projekt Grenadier came about because Ratcliffe was a bit miffed about Land Rover ending production of the classic Defender, so, being a billionaire of the Tony Stark type, he decided he could make his own version of the timeless offroader. The Mail on Sunday says Ratcliffe is now in "advanced talks" with the Welsh government about the move to establish a base in Bridgend, presumably meaning there's some financial incentive being waved around in order to locate a new manufacturing business in the region.

It would come at a good time for the workers of Bridgend too, as the town is about to lose the building business of Ford, which is pulling out of its own site there in 2020. Ineos has said it would like to produce 25,000 cars a year in a distant future, should it get things together enough to disrupt the off road sector. Its web site at the moment is full of photos of Land Rovers, wild dreams and job adverts for industrial designers, so it's got some way to go yet. [Wales Online]