Irritating Positive People to Inherit Earth

By Gary Cutlack on at

Scientists have some bad news about the new way to ensure a long and healthy life. It's not so easy as eating nuts or calming down on the sausage intake any more – you're going to have to start trying to be nice.

Having a positive attitude is key to literally winning at life and making it past the 85-year milestone, they say, with researchers noting that a suspiciously high proportion of old people tended to be nice, optimistic types, living happily and seeing the good in everything and everyone, despite knowing full well that every morning might be the morning they never wake up again, and each physical twinge could well be the Big One from which there is no getting up.

Lewina Lee from the Boston University School of Medicine said: "While research has identified many risk factors for diseases and premature death, we know relatively less about positive psychosocial factors that can promote healthy ageing. This study has strong public health relevance because it suggests that optimism is one such psychosocial asset that has the potential to extend the human lifespan."

So grit your teeth and maybe bin off the anonymous hate accounts, they're not helping. [ITV News]

Image credit: Unsplash