It Looks Like Sky is Rolling out a New Booster as Part of an Unannounced WiFi Guarantee Service

By Shabana Arif on at

A new booster device was spotted over on Sky's website for its Sky Q customers but was swiftly taken down, indicating the company may have some more new services on the way.

Yesterday, Sky shared the news of its Ultrafast broadband packages which will be made available over the course of this year and next, with anyone interested in the services being able to register their interest, and no more, at this stage.

ISPreview reports that some Sky Q customers have already received the device as part of an "unrelated service upgrade". The WiFi extender is apparently a part of a new WiFi guarantee that promises customers speeds of at least 3Mbps for every room in the house. If that's not being delivered on, customers will be offered an upgrade to the Sky Broadband Hub router, and if that fails to do the job, this fancy new Sky WiFi Booster 4 device will be handed out.

While the booster is no longer up on Sky's website, it's said to feature a power connector and Gigabit Ethernet port on the back, and a Wi-Fi Protected Set up (WPS) button to link it up to your other devices.

This new service hasn't been officially announced by Sky as of yet. so we'll furnish you with more details if this turns out be a load of old bollocks. [ISPreview]

Featured image: ISPreview