It's Only Taken Half a Decade, but the Post-it App Has Finally Made Its Way to Android

By Shabana Arif on at

The Post-it app is old news for iOS users, having rolled on the platform five years ago. And now, after a mere blink in time, it's on Android.

3M has taken its sweet time to get its Post-it app onto Android, but so far, the reviews on the Play Store have been positive, and it might just dethrone all of the other sticky note apps out there.

The app appears to have a tonne of nifty features, like taking a photos of actual IRL Post-its that it can convert in-app to let you play around with them. You can create and combine boards, share notes, and a bunch of other things that you can read about on the Post-it website.

You'll need Android 7 Nougat or above to run Post-it, and iOS 10 or above if you're an Apple person, but you'll already know that because you've had access to the bloody thing for ages already.

The app may not show up in your search on the Play Store - it didn't for me - but you can click the link above and install it just fine.