It's Time to Fix, Er, Time With a New Back to the Future Board Game

By Julie Muncy on at

“Great Scott!” would be the cliche thing to say here, and I don’t want to give in to cliche. But how can I not throw down a Great Scott at a time like this?

From Ravensburger, the people who have also made board games based on Jurassic Park and Jaws comes a new board game—not the first, incidentally—about Marty and Doc’s journeys through time to repair what went wrong and try not to commit any weird time-crimes whilst they’re at it.

As revealed at GenCon, the game, designed by Chris Leder, Ken Franklin, and Kevin Rodgers, is a “cooperative dice game” (per the press release) that follows a scenario where Bif has stolen the DeLorean, using its time-travelling powers to go on a terrible joy ride through time and space, and it’s up to you, the player, to stop him. Play as Marty and Doc as you navigate historical events, return stuff to where it’s supposed to be in the timestream, and avoid wracking up so many paradoxes it ends the timeline entirely.

The game, which will sell for $29.99 (about £24, UK pricing TBA), will be available this autumn. We don’t have many more details this time, but it seems like a fun time. Also, I heard that Jaws game was pretty good.