Legacy Broadcasters Ask For More Ad Breaks to Shore-Up Revenues

By Gary Cutlack on at

The UK's public service broadcasters have come up with a method of speeding their decline and seeing the nation's terrestrial masts switched off and turned into nesting sites for buzzards – they want permission to run more adverts during live and catch-up programming.

The government and its Ofcom enabler are consulting with broadcasters over a possible change to the cap on per-hour advert breaks, with the largest of the free-to-air channels – Channel 5, ITV 1 and Channel 4 – set to benefit the most, as they're currently limited to around seven minutes of ads per hour or a little more in prime time, while their less famed rivals lower down the EPG can currently screen nine minutes' worth.

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport is leading the consultation and will let us know what everyone says soon. We suspect the broadcasters will all say "yes" and we will all say "no" and things will get worse anyway. [The Times via The Drum]