Lego's Friends Central Perk Set is Out Next Month And Could We BE Anymore Excited

By Tom Pritchard on at

Back in February Lego announced that they would be immortalising Friends' Central Perk in Lego form, after it successfully navigated the depths of Lego Ideas. Now we know exactly when it's going to come out and how much it will cost. 1st September, and £65.

Funnily enough 2019 is Friends' 25th anniversary, so it's kind of fitting that the iconic Central Perk coffee house is going to be memorialised for this special occasion. Inside you have famous sets like the sofa, the coffee bar with associated coffee-making accessories, and even the stage where Phoebe loves to sing her bizarre songs.

Interestingly Lego has actually built it like a TV set, rather than a real location, and on each side you can see some of the rigging and lights necessary to make filming television possible. That certainly sets it apart from the Big Bang Theory set that came out a few years back.

Minifig wise you are really spoiled for choice, with seven in total. Ross, Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler, and Gunther are all included, and all seemingly based on the earlier seasons when Rachel was still a waitress and Joey had more than three brain cells.

There's plenty of room for others too, so you can fill up the joint with some of your spare minifigures and make Central Perk look like the go-to place for coffee in the West Village.

And of course there are so many other easter eggs dotted about that we can't spot them all. But we have seen references to Joey's infamous Ichiban (lipstick for men) advert, the little-known reserved sign, Chandler's laptop (complete with 12MB of RAM and a 500MB hard drive), and more. The sofa can be pulled out too, so you can display it without having to necessarily find room for the whole set.

The set itself is 4cm high, 11cm wide, and 22cm deep, and features 1,079 pieces. So it's not going to be super time-consuming to build, but it's going to be a bit of a challenge if your Lego skills are a bit rusty.

Pre-orders open today, but as mentioned before the set is actually out on 1st September for the not-that-unreasonable price of £65. It'll be available to purchase directly from Lego, both in-store and online.