Lidl is Selling Reusable Bags for Your Fruit and Veg to Help Cut Down on Plastic Waste

By Shabana Arif on at

Lidl is joining its supermarket brethren in the fight to reduce plastic waste with reusable fruit and veg bags that are too adorable to pass up.

The bags are designed at replacing those shitty flimsy ones that you usually fumble about with for five minutes - once you've located them - and will throw away as soon as you start unpacking your groceries. Because they're shit and flimsy, as discussed.

"Ever since we opened our doors in Great Britain, 25 years ago, we have been strongly committed to finding ways to reduce our plastic waste. ‘We’ve made changes – big and small – over the years to help contribute to this," said head of corporate social responsibility at Lidl, Georgina Hall. "We’ve made changes – big and small – over the years to help contribute to this.

"Today’s announcement is the next step, and one which we hope will help customers shift to a truly reusable option."

The bags cost 69p for a pack of two, presumably arranged top-and-tail for some added amusement.

Lidl is looking to reduce the plactic packaging it uses by 20 per cent by 2022, with the added goal of making all of its own-brand packaging recyclable or reusable by 2025.

Earlier this year, it announced that its Welsh stores would be scrapping bags for life which was estimated as cutting down on 150 tonnes of plastic waste a year.

So get yourself a cute little produce pouch and be sure to flap it around the fruit and veg aisle to make everyone jealous. [Metro]

Feature image credit: Lidl