Limited Edition Orange After Eights are a Thing and They Really Shouldn't Be

By Shabana Arif on at

There are a few chocolates in a box of Roses or Quality Street that are always left unopened, until they're tossed into the bin. They're the fruit cremés, of course. So why would you buy a whole pack of the things?

This is a question that no one at Nestle has stopped to ask themselves, with the launch of its orange After Eights. The chocolate squares are usually filled with a mint fondant, and some genius has thought that piping in the worst filling imaginable and flogging it by the box is somehow a thing that people will pay for. The only reason we stand for that kind of nonsense now is because you can't buy a tin of Roses or Quality Street without the dreaded orange and strawberry cremés inside. If you're after something that has the taste and texture of congealed cough medicine however, you're in for a treat.

As questionable as that decision is, some absolute lunatic has gone the extra demented mile by adding the orange flavour to the existing mint fondant.

The offending item was spotted in Asda by newfoodsuk on Instagram. The saving grace is that they're limited edition, and won't on supermarket shelves forever.

Image: Instagram/newfoodsuk

This is the latest in a long line of evil deeds Nestle has committed over the years, although the laundry list of offences is a world away from mint and orange fondant, which is clearly the worst of the bunch. I'm kidding. Mostly.

The After Eights aren't available online so you'll have to peruse your local Asda store if you feel compelled to try them, and then may we suggest promptly dipping your tongue in acid to put your tastebuds out of their misery.

Feature image credit: Asda