London's Transport Bosses Want E-Scooters Legalised ASAP

By Gary Cutlack on at

The head of Transport for London is urging the government to hurry up and either make electric scooters fully legal or have them barred from entering the country altogether, with TfL asking the Department for Transport to end the modern paradox of the popular personal transportation phenomenon that's illegal to actually ride anywhere.

The DfT announced a consultation over potential changes to transport rules back in March, but obviously now it's August and all the government's doing is blathering on about backstops and WWII and how we'll fight them on the beaches still; meanwhile London's transport bosses are besieged by offers from electric scooter rental firms desperate to clog the streets with their hardware and pay the city good (someone else's) money to do so.

Hence TfL's director of transport innovation Michael Hurwitz is asking the government to sort the mess out urgently, saying: "We need the Department for Transport to accelerate their review to really put some safeguards around their use," adding that it's "...a bit of an understatement to say the law is out of date."

Hurwitz would like to see e-scooters legalised, but limited to a 12mph maximum speed and only allowed to ride on the roads, as if they're proper vehicles. [ITV News]