Make the Galaxy Note 10 Launch More Interesting With Our Themed Bingo Card

By Tom Pritchard on at

Phone launches happen a lot, and for the most part they're really dull. Even the most rabid of fans isn't going to be interested about half the stuff a company has to say, because all we care about is how much the damn thing is going to cost this time. Samsung's Galaxy Unpacked kicks off tonight at 9pm, and with it we've decided it'll be a good idea to bring back the bingo cards. They're not reserved for Apple events anymore, kids, so buckle up and let's make fun of a billion-dollar multinational company.

Here's your card for the night, with a bunch of scenarios that may or may not happen. And maybe a couple that definitely won't, but we can do some wishful thinking.

We will be updating the board over on our Twitter and Instagram accounts throughout the night, and we'll be back on site to post the final results once the event has wound down to a close. If you want to play along for yourself you'll be able to livestream the event on YouTube.

And of course we'll also be posting all the biggest news from the night, and tweeting about things as and when they happen. Not to worry, we're trying to make the whole thing as interesting as possible. Because if we're bored, it's guaranteed everyone else is.

Featured image: ChiniGaray/Pixabay