Mass Outrage Gets the UK Back in Interrail

By Gary Cutlack on at

The rail industry's exit from the Interrail scheme is off, as everyone involved realised it was a terrible idea and whatever spurious financial wins it was meant to bring to the UK rail franchise holders have been abandoned. The UK won't exit the trans-EU rail ticket scheme in 2020 after all.

It sounds like there was a bit of a bun fight at the business buffet, as the Rail Delivery Group hurriedly tweeted that it was restarting negotiations to stay in/rejoin Interrail yesterday – then replied to itself within hours saying that negotiations were successful. It's a bit weird, and almost as if it was done on purpose to remind everyone that Interrail exists. Not that our train companies could ever be that clever:

The RDG's plan on Wednesday was to promote alternative tourist ticketing scheme BritRail [swallows a bit of sick] to training-it visitors, before that changed on Thursday to staying in Interrail and apparently never wanting to leave anyway. Who'd have thought negotiating to remain part of a Europe-wide institution could be so easy? [ITV News]

Image credit: Unsplash