"Mayochup" Rebranded Saucy Sauce for UK Anti-Foodies

By Gary Cutlack on at

If you hate food enough that you need to squeeze manufactured flavours out of a bottle on to it, Heinz has some good news. It has combined two types of sauce into one bottle to make life easier, like when NASA first started putting conditioner in the with the shampoo in the 1970s to streamline cleansing for astronauts.

It is the international phenomenon known as Mayochup; a blended mayo/ketchup product with a name so stupid it had to be changed to meet UK standards of common decency. Heinz is calling it Saucy Sauce for its launch here, which isn't much better and sounds like they asked Gregg Wallace to come up with the name, but there you go. People buying a combined bottle of mayonnaise and ketchup have no right to get on any sort of high horse.

Heinz is pretending that the decision to launch Saucy Sauce in the UK was taken because of a Twitter poll it did last year, but we all know that's not how international business works. Don't lie to us. What really happened is that 18 men and one woman from Kraft Heinz had a meeting about it and all voted yes, then they did the poll.

Tesco has gained an exclusive on stocking the hybrid product first, and starts selling it on August 23. [Heinz]