McDonald's Doubles Down on Extended Breakfast Hours Proving There Is a God and He Likes a McMuffin

By Shabana Arif on at

The golden arches will be serving breakfast for a little longer than usual at select stores across the country thanks to the success of its extended hours trial that kicked off in June.

The six-week trial saw breakfast being served up until 11am, rather than the usual 10.30am,  and it was limited to just seven restaurants dotted around Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight. The trial did so well that McDonald's is extending and expanding it, and our waistlines will follow suit now that we get an extra half hour grace period to get our lazy arses down to a store.

The testing bed has crept slightly northwards, and now includes 120 stores across the South East of the country, which isn't ideal because it's not where I live.

It seems the decision is tied to the company's last quarter results, with the initial trial being touted as "hugely successful." The launch of a handful of other new additions in June - namely the hot Cajun chicken wrap and revamped bacon roll - also bolstered sales for "another strong quarter of growth" for the franchise.

I think the main take away from all this is to continue to roll in to your nearest McDonald's post 10.30am so that the trial trickles westward, or is just rolled out as a permanent thing.

Then the real work begins: getting an all-day breakfast on the menu. [The Argus]