McDonald's Spicy Nugs Get Dissed by London Chain Serving up Posh Lobster Nugs

By Shabana Arif on at

In a restaurant chain that ceases to exist outside of the bounds of London, a new form of spicy nugs are coming. Lobster nugs. Posh nugs, if you will.

Burger & Lobster has a total of nine restaurants in London and bugger all presence anywhere else in the country, which means you'll have to get your fix of its new spicy lobster nuggets next time you're passing through if you're not a local.

Launching on August 27 as a "secret menu hack" - although it's neither a secret, nor a menu hack, but whatever the fuck sells this shit I guess - the box of six spicy lobster nugs will set you back £15.95. Launching hot on the heels of McDonald's spicy nugs, which are gracing the menu until the end of September, Burger & Lobster makes no attempt to hide its improved iteration of this spicy little snack.

"Five times the price of the much-derided spicy chicken nuggets at McDonalds but worth every penny," reads the press release. We here at Giz UK have decided that McDonald's nuggets are just fine. Dip them in the spicy sauce provided, people!

"The indulgently lush late-night-only treats are made with tender chunks of fresh Atlantic lobster, sustainably sourced from the coasts of Nova Scotia, coated in a mouth-watering spicy batter. Batter that tastes like a warming cuddle on a winter morning. Thrilling." Fucking exhilarating, mate. You can opt for a fresh lemon dip to accompany your zingy morsels, or a truffle mayo.

The 'secret' nuggets won't appear on the menu, so for god's sake, don't tell anyone else about them. To order yours, the code word is...

"Spicy Lobster Nuggets". Bloody genius. Don't forget to enunciate the upper case letters, or they'll spit in your face. But probably not.

The secret menu item also extends to Deliveroo, where it will presumably appear on the menu in the app under both Burger & Lobster and its sister restaurant Smack. And don't get any funny ideas about trying to order them outside of the hours of 8-10pm.