Mega Turbine With 107m Blades Begins Tests in the UK

By Gary Cutlack on at

A very large and awkwardly shaped package has arrived in the UK, with General Electric's offshore wind team signing for it and beginning the process of assembling and testing what will soon be the largest wind turbine in the world, complete with blades 107 metres long.

This first blade to arrive is part of GE's Haliade-X wind platform, with the plan being to launch a turbine with a 12 MW capacity for the world's offshore wind generation builds; with each machine able to generate around 67 GWh of power annually, given your average oceanic weather conditions.

The monster is to be tested in GE's Blyth facility near Newcastle, with tests checking it can stand the UK's offshore "peak wind" levels, before it'll be shipped out to sea to stand some 260 metres high above the waves. That's a fair chunk higher than One Canada Square, more commonly known as the Canary Wharf tower, that's a mere 235m tall. [Twitter via Business Green]