Microsoft Hires Guy Literally Named "Mac Book" to Dunk on Apple in this Ad

By Tegan Jones on at

From 2006 to 2009 Apple ran its iconic 'Get A Mac' advertising campaigning.

Starring a fresh-faced Robert Webb as 'Mac' and his comedy opposite David Mitchell as 'PC', it took aim at PC devices for being boring.

Ten years later Microsoft is getting its revenge. The company is using a real life Australian dude named "Mac Book" in a new advertising campaign.

Yes, Microsoft really did hunt down a guy named Mackenzie Book so they could stick him in ad advertisement flogging Surface 2 laptops.

It basically gets Mac to answer questions about which laptop is faster and lasts longer. Surprise, it's the Surface.

The entire thing leads up to old mate voice over saying "There you have it, Mac Book says get a Surface" because of course it does.

You can bear witness to the entire ordeal right here:

[The Verge]

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