Model Railway Vandals Basically Get the Naughty Step For a Year

By Gary Cutlack on at

The perpetrators of one of the UK's worst rail tragedies (model) in recent years have had their day in court, with the judge doing little more than grassing the vandalous teens up to their parents and forcing them to attend some meetings to hear about how bad they have been and to make various promises about it not happening again.

In return for admitting their guilt, three of the four teens have been given 12-month referral orders, which as far as we can make out means they have an actual criminal record, but won't be off to any sort of prison, not even a nice one for young people with understanding touchy-feely staff and last-gen PlayStations in the rooms. Their mums and dads have been handed £500 fines to pay too, with the fourth member of the train-trashing gang getting his comeuppance in September.

The happy ending is that Peter Davies, chairman of the Market Deeping Model Railway club, told the court that the massive sums raised by donation after the news of the crime went global is being reinvested in a charitable trust that'll fund [sad violin music crescendo] local youth projects. Davies said: "By October we could see 60 young people involved in modelling projects they would never have done before."

Perhaps the judge took that punishment into account. [BBC]