Morrisons Tests 30p Plastic Bag Price Rise

By Gary Cutlack on at

Morrisons is about to enrage the people who get enraged about plastic bags so much that they have to breathe into one for a while to calm down, with a trial in some stores seeing the cost of a disposable carrier upped to 30p. That'll surely make it one of the chain's most profitable items. Influencers will want to be seen with the aspirational shopping transport solution.

The official price of a Morrisons emergency plastic shopping bag is 20p nationwide, having risen from 15p earlier in the year. The 30p hike is an experiment some branches are trying, and if people don't pull them over their heads and self-suffocate at the tills in protest, it'll probably go nationwide. After all, the chain is trying to push its sustainable paper options instead – the price of which is also rising, from 20p to 25p. [Mirror]