MPs Asked to Ban Hands-Free Mobile Use While Driving

By Gary Cutlack on at

People with cars clever enough to connect to their mobiles and intercept calls like you're piloting a starship Enterprise shuttle rather than a Skoda Octavia may end up not being able to do so in the future, as a safety-themed committee of MPs has recommended expanding the list of things you can't do with your phone while driving to include talking on it – even in hands-free mode.

Other loopholes should also be closed too, including adding a general "sending or receiving data" clause to outlaw the occasional screen check that's not currently covered under today's laws that only technically outlaw using a phone as a phone, plus tougher penalties should be brought in to make charges for those caught "commensurate with the risk created," seeing as the potential for killing someone is there when side-eying your notifications while bored on one of our many national roads' tedium black spots.

Committee chair Lilian Greenwood said: "There is also a misleading impression that hands-free use is safe. The reality is that any use of a phone distracts from a driver's ability to pay full attention and the Government should consider extending the ban to reflect this." [Parliament]

Image credit: Unsplash