Northumberland Dalek Wins 12-Month Time War

By Gary Cutlack on at

The controversial Northumberland dalek shed will not have to be destroyed after all, at least not this year, as the order to remove the temporary external structure outside a Grade II-listed home-slash-museum has been suspended.

Councillors have handed the decision on the wooden shed's destruction order to future versions of themselves, as the dalek shelter has been given a 12-month reprieve from being removed. Neil Cole, who runs a small sci-fi museum in Allendale with his with Lisa, says he's happy with the decision but still plans to appeal to the planning inspectorate, as the one-year reprieve doesn't give him enough time to design, apply for permission and build a permanent, planner-approved, stone storage shed for his DIY dalek.

Cole says his hyperlocal Museum of Classic Sci-fi is the star attraction of Allendale and ought to be given a break, as he said: "We are in a remote local area that has just two of its local business and we have brought in 2,000 people since October. These are people who would never have come to the area if it were not for the museum." [BBC]

Image credit: Tripadvisor