O2 Is Letting Its Customers Order the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Early

By Shabana Arif on at

The Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is available on every network it seems - including O2, which is bringing up the rear with its 5G rollout. But you can now order it early. Like right now.

O2 is going live with its 5G this October in 20 towns and cities, which is more than initially planned for launch, most likely thanks to its partnership with Vodafone that will see the two share their 5G infrastructure to speed up their rollout.

Last month, O2 told customers they would be able to order their choice of two 5G handsets in August, but didn't give a specific date.

Well, it's August now, and apparently that date has been bought forward from whatever it was before, so you can go ahead and treat yourself to the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G in Majestic Black or Crown Silver on a custom plan.

There's also a selection of 4G tariffs for the phone, but of course, you'll need to switch once you have the luxury of 5G at your fingertips.

O2 will also be offering the Xiaomi Mix 3 5G but it doesn't seem like you can pre-order or order that just yet, so visit the site nearer the time for more updates on that.