OnePlus Could Still Be Planning to Release a T Edition of Its OnePlus 7 Pro Smartphone

By Shabana Arif on at

Pictures of what appears to be OnePlus' next handset are doing the rounds on the internet, and despite releasing its 7 and 7 Pro models at the same time, a OnePlus 7T Pro could still be on the way.

OnePlus usually launches its new iteration of smartphones with a base model, followed by a T model some months later, and according to the leaked images, it seems like we'll still be getting a T version of the OnePlus 7 Pro later this year.

The handset looks very similar to the OnePlus 7 - from what we can see. It's been stuffed into a case which obscures the a lot, and is always suspicious. The noticeable difference between this supposed OnePlus 7T Pro and the OnePlus 7 Pro is the speaker grille at the top which is much larger than on the 7 Pro.

Image credit: SlashLeaks/ Weibo

The screen also shows the phone running an Android Beta Program, and will presumably house the same pop-up camera as the OnePlus 7 Pro.

There isn't usually much variation between OnePlus' T phone variants so we wouldn't expect to see a slew of design changes anyway. The upgrade is in the innards where the real work is done, so it's difficult to tell if this is a legitimate leak or a pile of horse shit.

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