OnePlus Reveals That Its TV Will Feature a 55" QLED Screen

By Shabana Arif on at

OnePlus has shared a couple of titbits about its upcoming telly, namely that it'll feature a 55" QLED screen.

The news comes via Akis Evangelids, vice president of OnePlus France. Evangelids tweeted out a not-so-cryptic image of something black - could be anything really - with the "55[inch] QLED" emblazoned across it.

The 55" model was included in a list of possible screen sizes that looked to have been revealed earlier this month, alongside 43", 65" and 75" models. It's already been Bluetooth certified, and connectivity is said to be a big feature of the TV.

The most recent update was confirmation of the name, which the company ran a competition for, but let's not kid ourselves - it had clearly decided on the name beforehand which is so dull it could give Android 10 a run for its money. On the plus side, it gets to the point. In case you already forgot, it's the OnePlus TV.

Samsung is a fan of QLED screens and it looks like OnePlus will be adopting the Korean manufacturer's tech in its own TVs, rather than opting for LED. There's still no word on a western release date but the OnePlus TV is expected to launch in India first next year.