Outer Hebrides Isles Wired up for Full Fibre at Cost of £4,000 Per House

By Gary Cutlack on at

The islands of Grimsay and Great Bernera in the Outer Hebrides constellation are now receiving the UK's finest and fastest form of broadband, thanks to Openreach and various Scottish connectivity organisations funding a 100 per cent fibre rollout for locals.

Locals being about a total of about 330 homes across the two islands, not all of which have taken up the option of the new fibre plans, but still. Openreach and Digital Scotland claim the cost of the install and the laying of 90km of new cabling means approximately £4,000 per premises has been invested in hooking up Grimsay and Great Bernera, so they'd better all up their streaming games accordingly.

The BBC sent its tech reporter up to chat with residents about their new fibre-to-the-bothy options, and the use cases offered are a bit... underwhelming. One man says he'll be able to keep better track of internet auctions, for example, which must have Openreach wondering why it bothered.

Openreach's Scotland boss Robert Thorburn seems to think this is a blueprint that'll lead to all of the comically remote parts of the UK getting fibre, mind, as he said: "In a place like Grimsay, technology is truly life-changing – opening up markets and innovation for businesses and connecting islanders to each other, the world and vital services. There's more to do, but if we can bring full fibre broadband to a scattered community like Grimsay, then it can be done anywhere." [BBC]